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Windows 8 Could Be Launched In October

Windows 8 may be released this year.

March 21, 2012– Microsoft is scrambling to launch is next generation desktop and tablet operating system Windows 8. Insiders are saying that the company needs to launch the Windows 8 before the end of October to head off increasing competition from Google’s Android and Apple.

Insiders close to Microsoft said the company wants to complete the new system by the summer. It plans to have a launch date for the operating system for a number of PCs and tablets in October so they will be ready for the next holiday season.

Analysts say Microsoft must have a pre-holiday shipment of its tablets and PCs with Windows 8 in order to hold off Android and Apple. If they cannot meet an October ship date, then they will not be able to ship anything until the start of 2013, said industry experts.

Analysts estimate tablets sales for 2012 will be over 103 million units and say that number could triple to 326 million before the end of 2015. Apple will sell the majority of the tablets, but competition has grown from Android operated devices.

The demand for iPads has not lessened as Apple sold 15 million during just the fourth quarter of 2011. The iPad represents 58% of the entire tablet market. Android has 39%, which does not leave much for Microsoft, which has only 1.5% for third place.

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