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Wii U Available in U.S. Prior to UK Launch

The $475 console has full HD graphics and a touchscreen remote control

November 19, 2012 – The new console Nintendo Wii U was launched in the U.S. without the TVii service, but should still sell out worldwide. The new Wii U is Nintendo’s first new playing console since 2006 and will be available in the UK starting November 30 with many analysts predicting there will be shortages leading up to Christmas.

The $475 console has full HD graphics and a touchscreen remote control. Satoru Iwata, the President of Nintendo claimed that the new Wii U has redefined home entertainment by changing how the game console, Internet and TV interact and function with one another.

Sales by the end of 2012 worldwide are expected to exceed 3.5 million consoles, compared to 3.1 million Wii that were sold over the same time frame near the end of 2006.

Analysts said retailers would likely experience shortages on the run-up to the Christmas holiday and some unlucky shoppers might miss out. The US TVii feature is to be available in December claimed Nintendo.

The TVii provides a means of streaming and for pay-TV services via a search engine and home page, with the integrating results so a user that is looking for one specific television show or movie would be given options that ranged from a cable rerun or online service.

Also delayed by Nintendo were certain online services such as YouTube by Google, Instant Video from Amazon.com and Netflix, for Wii U users. The Wii U value goes beyond just the day it is purchased said the president of Nintendo’s North America branch. He said Nintendo would provide continuous updates along with new services for owners of the new console.

The Wii U will allow up to five players competing versus one another. Pressure had been mounting on Iwata to repeat the huge success of the previous Wii console following the failure of the handheld 3D player.

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