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Whooping Cough Rates Are Concerning

As Whooping Cough rates increase, medical experts are wondering about the effectiveness of the vaccines.

July 23, 2012– The U.S. will experience its worst year in over five decades for whooping cough cases. The amount of cases has risen at epidemic rates this year and experts say that may reflect a problem the vaccine has in effectiveness.

Thus far, in the first six plus months, there have been close to 18,000 cases reported in the U.S. That number is twice the amount it was at the same time last year said health officials. The Center for Disease Control said on Thursday that at the current pace the number of cases for all of 2012 would be the highest since 1959. That year over 40,000 cases were reported across the nation.

Thus far, nine children have lost their lives from the condition. Officials are calling on adults, especially women who are pregnant and those who are around children, to have a booster shot right away. Children are hurt the hardest by the sickness.

In both Washington and Wisconsin, over 3,000 cases have been reported. Other states with high numbers of outbreaks are Arizona, Minnesota and New York.

Whooping cough has been on the increase for a number of years, but the spike in cases this year has startled health officials. Medical investigators are trying to determine what is happening. Many feel better detection methods and more reporting of individual cases has increased the overall recorded cases. They also feel that there might be an evolution in the bacteria that is the cause of the sickness or that the vaccine is not as effective as it needs to be.

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