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Victim Died due to Strangulation and Head Trauma

Johnny Lewis has been identified as the only suspect by investigators, in Catherine Davis’ death

September 28, 2012- Police say the actor who starred in Sons of Anarchy killed a woman who was 81 years of age. The victim died due to strangulation and blunt head trauma, said officials from the coroner’s office in Los Angeles County. Johnny Lewis age 28 has been identified as the only suspect by investigators, in Catherine Davis’ death.

Her death followed an altercation at her home in Los Feliz on Wednesday. Davis had been renting a room in her home to the actor. Lewis was found later in Davis’s driveway dead. The cause of his death had not been determined said the coroner’s office.

At around 10:40 am on Wednesday police were called to the home of Davis after a number of reports of a woman screaming and men fighting. Apparently, Lewis hopped over a fence and started to attack a painter who was in a nearby yard, according to one eyewitness who is a neighbor of Davis.

The painter, neighbor and neighbor’s wife all ran into the house after getting loose from Lewis. All three of them, said other neighbors, had to barricade themselves against the front door so Lewis could not get in.

When police reached the scene, Lewis was in Davis’ driveway dead about six feet away from a nearby wall. Davis’ body was later found inside her home. Authorities believe Lewis might have been taking drugs and sources said he might have suffered from mental health problems.

Just during this year, the actor was arrested on three occasions.

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