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Vaccine Looks Promising For Addiction To Nicotine

A new vaccine may help with nicotine addiction.

June 29, 2012- A vaccine that is aimed at nicotine addiction prevention has showed positive results in studies conducted with laboratory mice. In a recent study, researchers inserted a nicotine antibody gene into liver cells of mice. The gene prevented the majority of the nicotine the mice were given from traveling to their brain, where it could cause an addiction.

Researchers said a shield was produced by the gene in the mice’s blood against the nicotine. The head author of the study says that research, using humans could start in two years. However, the leap to people from mice could prove to be quite a challenge. Other attempts recently by large pharmaceutical companies and biotech companies have failed to be effective in humans, after initially have positive results in studies using animals.

Those studies failed because the vaccines administered did not yield sufficient concentration of the antibodies to shield the nicotine. The new study says that in mice the vaccine was able to produce sufficient antibodies to block over 80% of the nicotine.

By using the liver cell like a factory, the one-time dose resulted in a continual supply of the antibodies, unlike previous strategies that have required multiple doses in order to maintain a sufficient supply of antibodies continually in the blood.

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