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Ukraine Starts Blast Investigation

The Ukraine is investigating who placed bombs in the city of Dnipropetrovsk.

April 29, 2012– The President of Ukraine promise the government and police would start an investigation immediately over the bomb blasts that rocked Dnipropetrovsk. The bombs injured more than 30 people and threatened the upcoming European Championships in soccer that will be played in Ukraine in just weeks.

Four individual bombs placed in different trash cans in various locations downtown all exploded within different intervals in the city that has a population of 1.3 million. The government announced right away that the bombs were an act of terrorism.

Officials announced they know it is important to finds those responsible for the bombings. The police announced there would be a $250,000 reward for anyone that gives information that will lead to the arrests of the bombers.

The president and other government officials would not comment on who they think may be behind the bombings. The bombings came as a big surprise to the normal peaceful country that is a former soviet republic.

The city is an important hub of technology and industry in the country and where many of the country’s political elite were born. The city is not a venue for the soccer championships, but is less than 150 miles from Donetsk, which will host a number of matches.

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