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U.S. Urges North Korea To Not Launch Satellite

North Korea is planning on launching a satellite.

April 10, 2012– On Monday, officials in the United States asked North Korea to not launch a satellite or carry out a nuclear test. Officials also requested that China use its influence to convince its neighbor to not carry out such a provocative action.

North Korea has decided to move ahead with its satellite launch even though they received appeals from regional countries and the U.S. to cancel. The country is also planning a nuclear test, which will be its third. If they carry out another nuclear test, its neighbors will be upset, but the West will be infuriated.

The U.S. State Department says a satellite launch by the North Koreans will violate the resolutions put in place by the United Nations Security Council and a denuclearization agreement that was signed on February 29.

The U.S. says a missile launch would be too provocative and would be a threat to the security of the region. A spokeswoman for the State Department also said a nuclear test by North Korean would be as bad if not even worse than a satellite launch.

Even though North Korea withdrew from talks on disarmament three years ago with regard to its nuclear program, it agreed in late February to stop all nuclear tests, long-range missile launching and uranium enrichment in exchange for food.

However, that has all started to unravel with this month’s planned launch. It is expected to take place between this Thursday and next Monday.

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