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U.S. Blocking Mass Murder Investigation

The U.S. soldier accused of mass murder may be part of a cover-up by government authorities.

March 31, 2012– The lawyer representing Staff Sergeant Robert Bales, who is accused of the massacre of 17 civilians in Afghanistan, alleges that authorities from the U.S. are hindering his ability to investigate what happened.

John Henry Browne represents Bale. Browne has complained that U.S. forces are not allowing his investigative team in Afghanistan to conduct their investigation. Browne said they have not been allowed to interview the civilians that survived the attack. The attorney also said authorities are allowing other people, who could potentially testify, to leave the area.

Bales was charged last week in military court with murdering nine children and eight adults. He is alleged to have gone on a pre-dawn rampage in the southern region of the country. If convicted, Bales could receive the death penalty.

A trial date has yet to be set, but prosecutors for the U.S. military are currently preparing their case. Brown said his team in Afghanistan is not receiving any cooperation from prosecutors who filed the murder charges. Browne said, “We are amidst nearly a complete blackout of information from our military in Afghanistan.”

No reliable account of what happened in the early morning of March 11 has emerged. One report that recently surfaced said villagers doubt that Bales acted on his own. Other reports have said Bales may have left twice during the pre-dawn hours.

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