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TSA Agents Fired and Suspended

A high number of TSA agents have been caught not following procedures and suspended or fired.

June 5, 2012– The Transportation Security Administration announced the firing of five agents and the suspension of 38 last Friday for security procedure violations at a Fort Myers, Florida international airport.

The International Airport serves over 7.5 million passengers annually. Security workers there violated worker protocol by not performing random checks. The violation took place over a period of two months during 2011 and affected over 400 passengers.

The violations it was learned occurred during the security late shift at night. One TSA screener who started on the late shift during 2011became concerned that procedures were not being followed correctly.

TSA announced it always holds its employees to the highest standards and maintains a policy of zero tolerance were misconduct is concerned. The agency said that at no time was the safety of passengers jeopardized.

Representative John Mica the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee’s chairman and one of the most outspoken critics of the TSA said that the violations might have involved personnel that were high-level at the airport.

He said that TSA must provide a complete accounting of what happened to show they are not protecting administrative personnel from public or Congressional scrutiny. In 2011, a number of screeners from TSA lost their jobs at the Honolulu Airport after bags were not checked for explosives.

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