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Truck Crash In Texas Kills Fourteen

A crash in Texas has killed a number of illegal immigrants.

July 24, 2012- Fourteen people lost their lives in Texas when the pickup truck they were riding in slammed into trees along a stretch of rural highway. The crash took place late Sunday night in a truck that had 23 passengers packed inside.

None of the victims had been identified by authorities, as of late Monday afternoon. However, the majority are believed to be immigrants from Mexico, Guatemala and Honduras whom might have been in the country illegally.

Authorities believe the pickup might have been used to smuggle the people from where they crossed into the U.S. to a safe house. They also are trying to find out who else was involved in the smuggling operation. Killed in the accident were men, women and children. All of the victims had toothbrushes and toothpaste with extra underwear and socks by no papers to identify them.

The highway where the pickup crashed was about 90 miles south of San Antonio and 150 miles north of the border with Mexico. Police believe a blown tire might have caused the accident. The driver of the truck was among those who lost their lives making it harder for investigators to determine a cause.

The U.S. Immigration service is working with the Mexican, Guatemalan and Honduran consulates to try to identify the victims. The nine who survived all remain in a nearby hospital, some in critical condition.

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