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Trends for CES 2013

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

January 06, 2013- The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, where tech companies show off their biggest ideas for the year will open the second week of January. Some of the cachet of the show has been lost over the last couple of years, particularly with Microsoft, the headliner opting to no longer have their traditional keynotes.

However, the show is still an important place to see what television companies, smartphone companies and even automakers are forecasting for the future in technology.

Trends to look for in the show include connected cars. Cars of today are becoming computers on wheels. Cars are not only becoming more advanced technologically with better sensors and improved data but they are working closer with gadgets that consumers already own, offering a application platform for car owners and internet access.

High Def could be getting even higher. A push is on to make the screens in high definition even better, with this year being no exception. Many tech trend insiders expect to see even clearer and sharper high definition television that are more accessible to everyone.   Cell phones are also expected to have an increase in the resolution on their screens, particularly those over 5-inches. Manufacturers are trying to get screens on computers, laptops along with other devices to have even sharper resolution, but also determine how to have those same high res screens use less overall energy.

Samsung has announced it will do something huge in the television industry. Most see that area of electronics ready for more innovation. A teaser on one of Samsung’s blogs hinted that a television containing a new shape and design would be released.

Technology companies have also looked for even more ways to get users to interact with their different gadgets. They are putting away the remote control in favor of something that will not be lost under the sofa cushions – the users’ body.

Israel-based EyeSight works with motion control and is interested in bringing the scale down for gesture control, all the way to the fingertip. Some of its technology has already been put into televisions and laptops.

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