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Timeline Change By Facebook to Affect Contacts and Emails

Facebook is changing users contact info without prior warning.

July 3, 2012– Facebook users are already upset with the company about e-mail addresses they listed on the site all of a sudden being changed. Now users will have something else to be upset about: Missing e-mail messages and address books that are altered.

The most recent griping by Facebook users apparently affects the people that have mobile devices or other similar software that synchronizes the users address book with their contacts in Facebook.

Last week, users of the social networking site learned it had quietly changed all the e-mail addresses users displayed on their Timeline page. The emails were changed to @Facebook.com addresses. On Facebook and Twitter community forums, users expressed their outrage that the change was made without letting anyone know ahead of time.

Now users are concerned again. One user wrote in a personal blog that people were finding out their contact info had been updated silently to overwrite the original email address putting in its place the @Facebook address.

If users are worried about emails, then they should remove or inspect anything that will sync the contacts they have, with Facebook. It is uncertain as of yet, how widespread the email changes are. However, Facebook has succeeded in upsetting users once again by implementing change that is widespread without letting anyone know.

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