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Three Million iPad 3s Sold In Just Three Days

The new iPad 3 is flying off the shelves.

March 20, 2012- Apple announced on Monday that it had sold over three million iPad 3s, its new generation tablet. The company said the three-day total of three million set a new company record. The company’s worldwide marketing senior vice president, Philip Schiller said, “It has been the strongest launch of an iPad to date.”

Back in 2010, the first iPad sold 300,000 units on the first day. However, it took four weeks to reach one million units sold. The iPad 2 sales were not released by Apple, but experts estimate that between 400,000 and one million were sold the first weekend the tablet went on sale.

As a comparison, the tech giant sold more than 4 million iPhone 4S devices during its first weekend last year. One analyst said, “The three million units sold are big, real big. Much bigger than what most had expected.”

AT&T is selling the tablet for Apple and announced on Monday that it had set a one-day record for sales of the iPad. That record was set on March 16, the first day the tablet was available to the public. Online, the tablet has had mixed reviews. The sharper resolution in the screen has been questioned. There have also been comments that say overheating is an issue with the new tablet.

Nevertheless, shoppers did not seem to be concerned with any of the negative comments, as sales just continued at excessive rates. A back up of over three weeks for shipments is currently taking place for online orders. Finding them at stores can be next to impossible in some locations.

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