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Suzy Favor Hamilton Admits to Being An Escort

Suzy Favor Hamilton, a U.S. Olympic team member for three Olympics and a mother admitted on Thursday to working for an escort service where she charged $600 an hour. The admission by Hamilton set of a flood of controversy and questions for the ex-Olympian.

Hamilton, prior to Friday, represented Disney but the entertainment giant said it no longer would maintain ties with Hamilton. That word was received just two days after runDisney, a subsidiary of the parent corp., said that Hamilton would be speaking in August of next year at events during the Half Marathon held at Disneyland.

The former star of the Big Ten conference, who has a conference award named after her for the Athlete of the Year, did not make any comment on Friday. The University of Wisconsin, where Favor attended and won 23 conference titles and 9 NCAA titles, also would not comment.

The 44-year old mother said in the first report released that her work had been exciting and that she had used a number of aliases but told several of her clients who she really was. She said that Mark Hamilton, her husband had known of her work but was against it.

When the story started to spread Favor Hamilton sent out a Twitter saying she took complete responsibility for her actions and had made irrational decisions. She said in her tweet that she was not the victim, as she knew exactly what she was getting into. She said the work helped her cope during a challenging period of her marriage. She said that she did the work at the time because of depression and at the time, it seemed the right thing to do.

Favor Hamilton is one of the NCAA’s most decorated runners for middle distances and participated in the 1992, 1996 and 2000 Olympics for the United States.

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