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Sunscreen Policy To Blame For Sending Kids To Hospital

Two children were severely sunburned when their Washington school would not allow them to apply suncreen.

June 25, 2012– Two young students were sent to a local hospital with severe sunburns, when the school in the state of Washington they attend, forbid the two sisters from applying their sunscreen while on a field trip. Violet and Zoe Michener, 11 and 9 respectively returned home from their field trip last week with burns their mother described as hard to look at.

The two sisters had spent over five hours under the sun with no protection according to the post that appeared on their mom’s blog.

Michener said she did not apply any sunscreen when her children left for school because at the time it was raining outside. She said that even if she had applied the block, the school would not have allowed the girls to reapply the screen to maintain full protection, due to a school policy that is deeply flawed.

Children in every state with the exception of California cannot apply sunscreen or bring it to school, since it is considered a medication. The mother of the two girls said their burns were even more infuriating because the school did not make an exception for Zoe, her youngest daughter who is stricken with some form of albinism, making her susceptible to the rays from the sun.

The school said a doctor’s note must accompany the student if they want sunscreen applied during school hours since they consider it over the counter medication.

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