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Stampede Kills Three at Halloween Party

Stampede Kills Three at Halloween Party

November 02, 2012- Halloween turned deadly in Madrid, Spain at an events center in the early morning hours of November 1. Halloween partygoers had come to the Madrid Arena that is located in the capital’s western region in an area called Casa de Campo.

The attraction was Thriller Music Park, a music party that use electronics and was hosted by Steve Aoki a well known DJ and featured a Halloween costume contest. The contest was for groups of people to dress as characters of the music video Thriller by Michael Jackson. The first price was equivalent to $3,800.

However, at around 4 a.m. in the morning local time, someone allegedly threw fireworks into the large crowd enjoying the party. That created panic as attendees attempted to leave. A mob of people ran for the exits in the indoor stadium creating a frightening chaos.

Certain exits had been sealed up and that created a blockage of bodies at the one exit that was open. Witnesses said people started to scream as they were being crushed. Security guards on hand to keep control, attempted to pull the people out who had become trapped.

Emergency services workers arrived on scene shortly thereafter to help. One survivor said he was trapped between two groups of people – those in front of him who were lying on the floor and those behind him who were pushing him to move forward.

Before authorities could calm the crowd, five women had been trampled. All five were in cardio respiratory arrest and unconscious. Two of the women died at the scene of the tragedy. Another woman died after arriving at a local hospital about 15 minutes from the arena. Two of the women were 18 and one was 25.The other two women remained in a local hospital in critical condition.

The incident is being investigated to see if sufficient security procedures were provided and if capacity rules for the stadium were followed.

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