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Spartacus’ Run To End

Spartacus will be finished after three short seasons.

June 5, 2012– After just the third season, the series Spartacus from The Starz, will end. The last season for the series will start in January of 2013. Starz officially announced the end of Spartacus on Monday, which is shooting its third season now. Its creator Steven DeKnight said on Monday he decided it was time to end the series.

“It was an emotional and difficult decision for my partners and I,” DeKnight admitted. Yet, the story was best suited by putting everything into an action packed season full of drama that will shock all our fans.”

Spartacus is still very popular amongst its fans and followers said DeKnight. He said ending the series on an up note and being strong is more appealing than letting the series start to get weak.

DeKnight said he always though the maximum number of season for Spartacus was five. With that amount of time, you can tell an excellent story, but if you go any longer than the storyline starts to get flabby and the quality of the show begins to be less.

The series will start of the new season with a bang said DeKnight and the will keep viewers on the edge of their seat right you through the last episode.

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