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Southwest To Test Live TV

Southwest Airlines will begin selling live television on a number of flights.

June 29, 2012- Southwest Airlines will start selling live TV feeds on five of its planes. It plans to expand to additional aircraft starting in mid July. On Thursday, the airline said it would offer its passengers seven news and sports channels to watch.

The prices Southwest will charge are between $3 and $8 during the trial run. Passengers must have a device that is Wi-Fi enabled such as a tablet, laptop or smartphone. The live TV will be separate from wireless internet and Internet access will not have to be purchased to access live TV.

Channels that Southwest will offer include the NFL Network, the Major League Baseball channel, NBC Sports, MSNBC, CNBC, Fox Business News and Fox News. Row 44 will provide the service. The airline is planning to expand the service to 20 planes in its fleet before mid July. If the service ends up successful, the airline said it would be offered on all of its planes that are Wi-Fi enabled before the end of 2012.

Many airlines have expanded the number of different in-flight options for entertainment. Many are now offering access to Internet and trying to separate themselves from their competition by offering additional services, with airfares being so similar in price.

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