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Southwest Airlines Sued for Hot Tea Spill

A woman from Smyrna, Tennessee has sued Southwest Airlines for damages of $800,000

September 29, 2012 – A woman from Smyrna, Tennessee has sued Southwest Airlines for damages of $800,000 after one of the airlines’ flight attendants allegedly spilled hot tea on the woman’s lap while the plane was in flight.

Angelica Keller, the passenger, filed her lawsuit on Tuesday in Tennessee alleging that the airline, based in Dallas, did not give her prior warning of the possible danger of the tea. A newspaper in Nashville said the woman had suffered burns that were second-degree from the hot tea.

The court document reads that Keller had ordered the tea while on Flight 955 to Houston from Nashville in December of 2011. She was sitting in the front section of the plane in a bulkhead row, which did not have any drop down foldable tabletop or any flat service.

She held the paper cup with hot water in her hand and had another cup with the bag of tea and condiments on her lap. As she attempted to reach for the bag of tea, she spilled the hot water onto herself, said the court documents.

The suit alleges that even though she had been fully clothed, her skin blistered and then peeled. She has been left with permanent scarring. She cited the airline for negligence because a tray had not been provided and she had not been warned of the dangers that were potentially involved in receiving and drinking the hot tea while seated in the bulkhead area.

In the lawsuit, she is asking for $300,000 due to bodily injury, property damages, medical and other expenses and $500,000 for punitive damages.

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