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Skyfall starring Daniel Craig Impresses Moviegoers

Skyfall turned out to be great return to form for Bond movies

November 13, 2012- Most likely no one is surprised that Skyfall, the newest James Bond movie topped the box office in North America this weekend, but many eyebrows will be raised when people hear how high the box office numbers for the movie were. Since October 26, the movie has earned an incredible $518.5 million worldwide and this weekend in its North American debut, earned over $89.8 million.

This is the third Bond movie that Daniel Craig has starred in. His last was four years ago titled Quantum of Solace. That edition of Bond was considered by many to be a disappointment, yet Skyfall turned out to be great return to form for Bond movies.

Sony Pictures’ worldwide distribution president Rory Bruer said the company has been bullish on the film, but did not think it would have the impressive numbers its has seen thus far.

To be able to put Skyfall’s achievement into context, the second place movie this week in the U.S. market earned just $33 million and Flight, the new thriller by Denzel Washington only earned $15.1 million. For the makers of Flight it seems like a disappointment. They had hoped that the buzz surrounding a possible Oscar would help draw in more crowds as Washington’s performance has been critically acclaimed.

Skyfall has Bond returning to Britain to take on another nemesis played this time by Javier Bardem. Bardem plays a former British agent who wants to eliminate both Bond and his boss M.

The worldwide take for Skyfall has already surpassed that of Quantum of Solace, which totaled $407 million and on Monday should surpass the international total for Craig’s other Bond installment Casino Royale, which took in $432 million.

The $89.8 debut topped that of the $67 million by Solace and the $40.8 million of Casino Royale.

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