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Sixteen Dead, Millions without Power and 50 home lost to Fire

Sixteen Dead, Millions without Power and 50 home lost to Fire

October 31, 2012- One of the worst storms in history on the East coast of the United States slammed into the New Jersey coast on Monday night. The storm was responsible for killing 16, sending a 13-foot high wall of water into New York City and for knocking the power out to over 7.5 million people along the East coast. The storm also caused a fire in Queens, New York that destroyed more than 50 homes.

After the storm made landfall at 8:00 pm, it was downgraded from a category one hurricane. When it hit the coast of New Jersey, it was packing winds of 85 mph and throwing huge waves onto the shore and into streets up and down the coastline.

A major disaster was declared by President Obama in New Jersey, New York and Long Island. That allowed for the release of federal money to help those people living in the area.

Among the hardest hit areas was New York City. The financial center will be closed for a second consecutive day on Tuesday. Seawater flooded streets in the area, seeped into the Subway system and ran through a construction pit near the World Trade Center.

In Lower Manhattan, rail yards were flooded and subway tracks, roads and tunnels were all covered or filled with water. Downtown streets were filled with bright orange rescue rafts instead of vehicles on Tuesday morning.

The Atlantic City area of New Jersey was hit hard as well. On Monday night, many residents who did not listen to the mandatory evacuation warnings were stranded as flood waters made it impossible for them to leave or rescue personnel to pick them up. All three routes out of Atlantic City were flooded.

Many of the people without power throughout the region will be without it for days, as repair crews will fight the floods and will not be able to get to many areas as quickly as they usually can.

Tisch Hospital, part of New York University, had to evacuate more than 200 patients when its backup generator shut down.

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