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Sheen Says He Had Been In Complete Denial

Charlie Sheen now says he was in denial after being fired from Two and Half Men.

June 7, 2012- Actor Charlie Sheen admits that during and following his fallout with the hit show Two and a Half Men that he was in complete denial. People saw him possessing what he called Adonis DNA and tiger blood. He seemed at the time to be quite confident in what he was choosing to do during the publicized falling out with producers of the show last year.

However, Sheen now is willing to admit that he was having troubles facing reality while all those incidents were taking place. He said it is obvious that if someone is fired or ends relationships he is not going to be the happiest person in the world. It said he got through it all be going into a state of complete denial.

Anger Management, his new show will premiere later this month on FX. The star said he has come out of his denial stage and is no longer sober. He said he has a few drinks and that he likes vodka straight without ice since ice is to relieve injuries.

He also revealed that he likes to see a woman’s feet when determining if there is potential for romance. He said he has decided to not date woman due to their feet. He said hammertoes are out and so are feet with second toes that are longer than the first toe.

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