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Sarkozy Headed To Runoff With Hollande

French President Nicolas Sarkozy is running into serious competition politically.

April 23, 2012- Current French President Nicolas Sarkozy will enter a runoff with Francois Hollande, a Socialist, in their bout to be the next president of France. The eventual winner of the presidency could alter the economic and political landscape of Europe.

Voters in France surprised many by showing so much support for third-place Marine Le Pen the candidate from the far right. She has run a campaign that is anti-immigration and aimed at mainly Muslims. Her influence on the political scene in France could be boosted tremendously with her strong showing. She could get additional party seats and affect relations with the minorities in the country.

Hollande had just less than 28% of the vote, Sarkozy about 27%, Le Pen had 19% and Jean-Luc Melenchon just less than 11%. Hollande, a socialist, has worried investors due to his pledge of increasing government spending. He has pledged to cut the huge debts that France has and increase growth.

Sarkozy admitted he knows voters have concerns over jobs and immigration. He knows many hard-line French are worried about preserving their way of life.

Ten candidates started out on Sunday in the first round. The two top candidates will head to a May 6 runoff. Now the two candidates will try to sway the votes of Le Pen for the runoff election. She told reporters that she would not influence her voters by telling them which of the two remaining candidates she favors.

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