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Samsung to Unveil Windows 8 Tablet

Samsung to unveil Windows 8 Tablet

August 28, 2012- A picture was posted by Samsung on its Facebook page of tablet with Windows 8. The company said the tablet would be revealed to the world in Germany at a trade show that will start during the week.

The company, based in South Korea, posted the photo on one of its many Facebook pages. Below the photo was a caption that read – “Do not worry, it’s around the corner.”

The photo shows Windows 8 being operated on the tablet. Behind the tablet is what looks to be a keyboard that is detachable. Toward the bottom part of the photo, Samsung had included IFA 2012, a reference to the trade show featuring consumer electronics that starts on Friday and runs until September 5.

The tablet is similar to the Series 5 that was unveiled by Samsung in June inside a glass case at the Taiwan computer expo. Experts believe the huge tech company will introduce the new tablet formally and what it includes for features during the Germany trade show.

It is reported that the Series 5 would operate off a complete version of the new Windows 8. It will also contain an Intel chip, a front camera of 2-megapixels, a back camera of 8-mega pixels and a battery that will have a 10 hours life. The display is 11 inches in size. Last week a video of a tablet was released to tease users and most believe it was also the Series 5.

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