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Romney Officially Wins GOP Nomination

The Republican Party certifies Mitt Romney for the Presidency

August 29, 2012- The Republican Party made up for some lost time in their national convention by certifying the nomination of Mitt Romney for the Presidency and by tearing into President Obama over the economy issues in the country.

Each mention of Romney’s name drew loud cheers from delegates in the ritual roll call of each state. The tearing apart of President Obama took place almost immediately from the podium area. The Chairman of the Republican Party said that Obama has never run a business or even a lemonade stand or garage sale.

The convention approved the conservative platform quickly in order to help propel Romney and his running mate Paul Ryan to their campaign, as the official Republican ticket. The platform calls for large tax cuts to help stimulate the economy.

Romney’s wife Ann appeared in primetime to cast her in likeable soft light before the national television audience. Aides for Romney said he was listening to his wife in the hall when she was speaking.

The former governor of Massachusetts was at his hotel on Tuesday when his nomination was affirmed by the party’s delegates. He is said to have watched the proceedings on his hotel television.

Some residual effects of a very tough primary campaign could be seen, as some delegates for Ron Paul booed when the convention adopted regulations they were opposed to, but the small group was powerless to prevent or block the votes from being registered.

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