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Risk of Tobacco Related Deaths fall by 97% if Women stop smoking by 35

If a woman quits before she reaches 35 that reduces the risk of death by 97%.

October 27, 2012 – A new study of over one million women in the United Kingdom shows that women who continue to smoke until their middle age have a death rate three times higher than non smokers and are at risk of dying 10 years earlier.

According to data from the study, the positive news is that by stopping smoking before 40 years of age, reduces the risk of a woman of dying due to a death that is smoking related by 90%. If a woman quits before she reaches 35 that reduces the risk by 97%.

The study was published just one day prior to the 100th anniversary of Sir Richard Doll’s birth. He was the first person to establish a link between lung cancer and smoking. The new study conclusively shows for just the first time the disastrous effects smoking are the same for women as they are for men.

Men historically have started smoking at an earlier age than most women. Most of the first women who have had lifelong habits of smoking were born during the 1940s. Therefore the life shortening impact on a woman from smoking cigarettes has not been fully measurable until recently.

The researchers said that if women smoke just like men, then they will die just like men do from smoking. Both men and women who stop smoking prior to middle age will gain on average about 10 years.

The new data comes following the Million Women Study that recruited over 1.3 million females from 1996 to 2001 when they arrived for a screening for breast cancer. The women were aged 50 to 65. Because of the size of the study it is unique and had compiled a huge amount of data on the health of women and led amongst other things to findings on breast cancer risk factors.

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