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RIM Falls Due To Patent Suit

Blackberry maker Research In Motion is being sued for patent infringement.

April 4, 2012- Research In Motion faced investor problems last week after reporting earnings. This week the Blackberry maker has new problems. RIM saw its stock value drop by 9.5% on Tuesday when investors heard a patent suit had been filed against the company be a semiconductor company in the Netherlands.

Last week CEO Thorsten Heins had told investors during the company’s fourth quarter earnings report that it was considering all opportunities. Investors took that to mean a sale might be in the works and the price of the stock jumped. The hope of that has seemed to have faded this week.

NXP BV, a Dutch company, filed suit against RIM in Orlando, Florida. NXP alleges that RIM has infringed on six of its patents that were issued over the period of 1997 through 2008. The patents are related to wireless transmission that most of the key products of RIM use, including its PlayBook and Blackberry.

An NXP spokesman said licensing discussions were unfruitful with RIM and due to that, NXP unfortunately felt it had to protect itself legally via the court system. The only comment from a RIM spokesperson was that RIM does not comment on anything that is in litigation.

Patent infringement suits for big tech companies are not uncommon, but what is interesting is where the suit was filed, in the city, Orlando, where RIM will be holding its largest conference ever in a month’s time.

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