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Report: Spears to be let go as X Factor Judge

Because the Britney Spears did not help the X Factor this season in television ratings, the rumor is Simon Cowell will fire the talented singer after just one season as a judge on the show.

One insider told a Hollywood magazine that Britney would be fired. Producers of the show want her for the long term, but the insider said it was not working as planned. Spears signed a contract along with singer Demi Lovato amid great fanfare for the second season of the show on Fox and was paid $15 million for her time.

L.A. Reid, another judge, has already announced he would be leaving to put more focus on his responsibilities at his record label. An official at the X Factor told the insiders that Cowell has not mentioned Spears or anyone else’s future. The show spokesperson said that no one has openly discussed the judging panel for next season and any reports that say otherwise are only speculation.

However, sources said that Cowell was not happy with this season’s judging performance by Spears. Cowell wanted more outlandishness from Spears, more crazy comments, but instead, said the insider, Cowell got just a very boring Britney. Cowell was said to be unavailable for comment on Thursday, just as new pictures of home in Barbados on the beach with Mezhgan Hussainy surfaced on the Internet.

The show is a huge hit in Britain where Cowell is from, but has been musical chairs in the U.S. since the fall of 2011 when it debuted. After the first season, Cowell fired all the judges including Steve Jones, Nicole Scherzinger and Paula Abdul. Cowell then got out his checkbook and signed big names to sit on the panel to compete with The Voice on NBC and American Idol, which also have big celebrity singers as judges.

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