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Refurbished Apple iPads for $299


March 19, 2012- Tech giant Apple just launched on Friday its new generation iPad 3. The price for the new tablet that has more velocity and higher resolution remained the same as the iPad 2, starting at $499. Now, the older generation iPad is available at discount prices.

The only ones still available are black and will have their prices cut by 25% or $100. That means the refurbished Wi-Fi iPad models will be just $299 for the 16GB models and up to $499 for the 64GB models.

They can be purchased through the Apple Store and ship in just 1 to 3 business days. Models still available that have the built in 3G radio are just $399 for the 16GB and increase to $499 for the 64GB model.

Even though it would be a 1st generation tablet, the price of $299 is an excellent option for first time buyers wanting to get experience with the flat devices. The device has the same resolution as its predecessor the iPad 2 and has a RAM of 256MB, with a Wi-Fi built in and Bluetooth.

The one thing it lacks is a built-in camera, as those did not start until the iPad 2. Apple is also offering refurbished models of its iPad 2 with $50 discounts.

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