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Prostitution Bust Nets Former Agent for TSA

A former TSA agent was nabbed in a high profile prostitution ring.

March 30, 2012- A former Transportation Security Administration agent is facing charges of prostitution after a Maryland hotel bust. Management at the hotel called police after they observed odd behavior at one of the hotel’s rooms in Silver Springs.

A man was seen on a number of occasions escorting groups of women and men to and from the room after they had waited in the hotel’s lobby. When the man was recognized as a guest who had rented rooms prior and engaged in similar activities, management decided to alert the police.

The hotel guest told law enforcement that nothing odd was going on and he was in charge of security at Dulles Airport. When he allowed police into the room, they located 11 people, including three women who were naked. Four of the men in the room were in the process of dressing. A number of the people were in the two beds, while others were standing.

Upon interviewing the people, the police learned one had paid the hotel guest $100 to have sex. This week, the guest was charged with five counts of prostitution. TSA confirmed that the suspect had worked for them at Dulles, but was no longer employed by the agency. Homeland Security told reporters than a similar complaint was received about the suspect involving prostitution on 2009.

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