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Probe Now Investigating El Salvador

U.S. secret service agents are in trouble across South America for using escorts.

April 27, 2012– The probe into the Secret Service scandal in Cartagena, Colombia has expanded to include a similar probe in El Salvador. In 2011, Secret Service agents allegedly spent time at a strip club. The agency told Congress it was investigating to see whether money was spent for sex with prostitutes and if prostitutes had returned to the hotel where agents were staying.

The allegation has yet to be confirmed by the Secret Service, but could challenge the idea that the recent scandal in Colombia was just an aberration. On Thursday, a memo was sent to Congress members that are investigating the recent Cartagena scandal, saying the agency was also trying to confirm an allegation that agents also took part in an activity that was similar in El Salvador before President Obama visited there in 2011.

A television station in Seattle was the first to report the alleged incident in El Salvador. A government contractor was quoted as saying he was with agents from the Secret Service and servicemen who were in El Salvador preparing for Obama’s visit. The contractor alleged that some of the agents and servicemen returned to their rooms with prostitutes. Some also are alleged to have paid for sex and or sexual favors from the prostitutes in a VIP section of a strip club in San Salvador.

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