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Presidential Campaign in its last weekend in U.S.

Presidential Campaign

November 04, 2012- The presidential election in the United States is only three days away and the two primary candidates, incumbent President Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney are crisscrossing the country on their last weekend of campaigning.

On Tuesday November 6, voters go to the polls to elect the president, but before that happens, Obama and Romney will be visiting key states in their bid to win. Obama is scheduled on Saturday to campaign in Wisconsin, Iowa, Ohio and Virginia, while his challenger Romney will be in Colorado, Iowa and New Hampshire. Within hours of one another, both candidates will be in Dubuque, Iowa on Saturday.

Most pre-election opinion polls have the race as a deadlock, although President Obama leads in the polls in a number of key swing states. Most observers say that as the campaign starts to wind down, the momentum has turned toward Obama as he continues to lead in battleground states.

Obama, in his last full week of campaigning, was helped on Friday by the good news from the jobs report for October and from his outstanding handling of Hurricane Sandy’s aftermath. Late in the week, Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York City and an independent endorsed Obama for the presidency.

Most believe Romney will have the more difficult time winning on Tuesday. It is widely thought that of the nine keenly contested battleground states he must win the majority of them.

Many also believe that Ohio could be the deciding factor in the election. Obama will start his Saturday of campaigning in the state, where Romney hosted his biggest rally to date for the election year on Friday night. In West Chester, Ohio, Romney spoke to over 18,000 supporters.

Joining Romney at the event were former rivals in the Republican primaries Rick Perry and Rick Santorum. In addition, John McCain, the Republican presidential candidate defeated by Obama in 2008 was on hand.

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