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Pippa Middleton In Middle Of Gun Incident

Socialite Pippa Middleton may be in big trouble in France.

April 17, 2012– Pippa Middleton has been in the headlines previously. She was always being pointed out for something that praised her beautiful looks or shapely body. This time however, she has the eyes of the world on her for a problem regarding a gun.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s sister was photographed on April 15 in Paris in a car with friends. The driver of the car was allegedly brandishing a pistol at the person taking the photos. The photographer was apparently on a moped following the Audi that was occupied by Middleton and friends.

One photo released shows the pistol being pointed by the driver directly at the camera’s lens. Middleton can clearly be seen riding shotgun in the photo.

Judicial police in Paris have apparently received the photos through a formal complaint that was issued. However, a decision whether a magistrate will become involved regarding the incident has still not been made.

In France, it is illegal to brandish a gun regardless if it is fake or real. Due to a recent shooting spree that resulted in seven people losing their lives in Toulouse, calls have been made to enforce the firearms possession laws in the country. There is not 2nd Amendment protection in France like in the United States.

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