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Pics of iPhone 5S Start Rumors of new iPhone

The leaked pics first appeared on a website iPhone5Parts forum and then on Apple Insider

December 7, 2012 – The iPhone 5 has been selling in stores for less than three months, but rumors have already started to swirl about the next generation smartphone by Apple. A set of photos that were leaked suggest another iPhone, which was quickly dubbed iPhone 5S, will look very similar to its latest predecessor, but would have a few tweaks inside.

The leaked pics first appeared on a website iPhone5Parts forum and then on Apple Insider. The photos show what appears to be an iPhone with the placement of screws that appear different from the current iPhone 5, which suggests that some type of component changes internally have been made to the Apple smartphone.

However, Apple Insider has suggested that the leaked pics are nothing more than one of the first prototypes of the iPhone 5, since the latest smartphone by Apple was just released only weeks ago. Over 50 additional countries are scheduled to receive their first iPhone 5’s this month, starting on Friday with South Korea.

No comment regarding the photos or the possibility another iPhone would be released, was made by Apple. A report in November from China Times said that the tech company had started trial production of its next iPhone, which means it could be released during the first quarter of next year. Nevertheless, Apple for two consecutive years has released a new generation iPhone only during the fall.

If those previous patterns are adhered to by Apple, the new smartphone would maintain its similar form but have some new gadgets on the inside like both the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S had. Those hoping to see a huge screen like the Galaxy Note II by Samsung had better look somewhere else or go for the iPad Mini.

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