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Penn State Slammed By NCAA

The NCAA has penalized Penn State for hiding sexual abuse in it’s football program.

July 24, 2012– The NCAA came down hard on Penn State on Monday. Mark Emmert, the NCAA president announced sanctions that will affect the football program at the school for years and for the most part erased the name of Joe Paterno from the record books. The NCAA took 14 years worth of Penn State victories and threw them out, while also imposing a $60 million fine that is unprecedented.

The NCAA president said that football would never be placed ahead of nurturing, protecting and educating our young people. The group that governs college sports shredded the final fabric of Paterno’s Hall of Fame legacy. Monday’s sanctions took 111 victories away from his record and delivered a huge blow to the gridiron program at the school.

Penn State cannot participate in postseason bowls for four seasons, it lost a number of its scholarships it can give to recruits and the program was placed on probation. All three of those sanctions will make it even harder for the program to play at the highest level in the sport.

The NCAA also said that incoming and current players would be able to leave immediately and compete right away at another university.

What has upset many is how the school always claimed it held itself to a higher standard than others and for a number of decades, coach Paterno preached that success was honor. Monday’s sanctions however, completed the school’s fall from its own pedestal.

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