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Pack of Wild Dogs in Mexico City Kill Four

 Four people have been mauled and killed by a pack of wild dogs

Four people have been mauled and killed by a pack of wild dogs

January 08, 2013 –  Four people have been mauled and killed by a pack of wild dogs over the last two weeks in a park on the outskirts of Mexico City, said authorities in Mexico on Monday. In one of the incidents, a teenager frantically called her sister using her cell phone pleading for her help as the dogs began to attack her.

The park, Cerro de la Estrela, is partially wooded on the top of a hill surrounded by one of Mexico City’s most populous and poorest districts, Iztapalapa. Neighbors who live near the park found the body of a woman, 26 and a child who was just one year of age on December 29.

The woman was identified as Shunashi Mendoza. Her left arm was missing and authorities said that she and the one-year-old boy had bled to death while both had been partially eaten.

Last Friday, visitors at the same park located the bodies of two teenagers, the couple also died from blood loss. Medical experts said that due to the amount of wounds and their gravity, there were at minimum 10 dogs involved in the attacks.

In the attack on the couple, Samuel Martinez, 16 and his girlfriend Alejandra Ruiz, 15 went to the park to visit on Friday afternoon. Ruiz frantically called Diana her sister at about 7 pm pleading for her to help. The girl screamed that she and her boyfriend were being attacked by several dogs, and then the call ended.

Some people, including Ruiz’s sister do not believe that dogs were involved in the attacks. Diana Ruiz said it was shocking that one of the breasts of her sister was mutilated and she asked authorities if they attack her why did they not grab her neck. She said she visited where the attack took place and found not pools of blood. Ruiz said a thorough investigation was needed.

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