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Over 1,700 Visitors may have been exposed to rodent-borne illness

Visitors at Yosemite National Park might have been exposed to a rodent-borne disease

August 29, 2012- Authorities at Yosemite National Park are in the process of warning over 1,700 people who might have been exposed to a rodent-borne disease that is potentially deadly. The exposure, authorities believe, might have taken place when the visitors stayed in the park in California. Two visitors have died from the Hantavirus.

The two tourists who lost their lives had lodged at Curry Village, a camping area located under the sheer granite walls that make up part of the park. A third park visitor became ill with the virus but is currently recovering.

Investigators are currently checking to see if a fourth visitor was also suffering from the virus, which is transported by wild rodents. The four stayed in tent cabins in the area on overlapping days during the middle of June, said a Park spokesman.

Park officials are urging everyone who stayed in the area of Curry Village since the beginning of June to pay attention to symptoms of the Hantavirus and seek out medical help immediately if the symptoms appear.

Symptoms include fever, muscle ache, headache and could appear as long as six weeks after being exposed. The virus has killed just over one-third of the people who have been infected.

Close to four million visitors come to Yosemite annually and about 70% at sometime visit the Yosemite Valley the area were Curry Village is located. All of the cabins have been thoroughly cleaned and are still open.

Near the end of last month, a man from Northern California died from the virus and another man, who was from Pennsylvania dies in mid August.

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