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Over 12 Million Britons to Vacation over the Holiday

December 20, 2012- A new survey that tracks the vacation plans of Brits shows that over 12 million are planning to take a minimum of one trip overnight the United Kingdom over the Christmas and New Year’s break.

The 12 million Brits accounts for 24% of the entire adult population and they are planning to enjoy the holiday period. About 20% or roughly 9.8 million people are planning to take their trip inside of England.

It is estimated that those trips will generate over $3.6 billion in tourism revenue for the economy in the UK, of which about $2.7 billion will be injected into the economy in England. About 35% of the total planning to travel overnight are definitely taking that trip in England and said they would be spending more nights on the road than compared to the holidays last year.

The tourist board in the UK said that a number of Brits have preplanned their seasonal activities, with 45% saying they would attend sales, 30% planned to visit a Christmas market and 19% or about 1 in 5 were planning other pursuits during the holiday such as visiting Father Christmas, attending a pantomime show or even ice skating.

Only 3% of the all travelers who plan to travel at least one night away from home are planning to travel abroad during the holiday season, said the tourist board.

The economy in the UK has struggled and did not grow as was anticipated to do during 2012. The Bank of England said the economy would not see much growth until sometime during the middle of 2014, as the continuing economic crisis in the euro zone, the slow economy in China and other places has affected the UK as well as other nations in the European Union and across Europe.

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