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Ohio Students Seen on Video Joking About Alleged Rape

January 4, 2013 – A video was leaked of by Anonymous, the hacker group, that allegedly shows teenagers from Ohio laughing and telling jokes about a 16-year old girl who had been allegedly raped the night of the video.

Two high school football players from Steubenville, Ohio are currently waiting to be tried for the alleged rape of the girl. Police said they were aware of the 12-minute video that was posted Wednesday on YouTube. The video had been given previously to police and prosecutors in the rape case.

Police said they interviewed the individual who made the tape in August of 2012 and then turned the video over to the Attorney General’s Office in Ohio.

The case has divided Steubenville and the video is just another piece of evidence to resurface of recent in the case. The steel town along the border with West Virginia has gone through a difficult time since the alleged rape occurred last August. The high school football team has won a number of state titles and is widely celebrated in the area, which has helped to divide the town.

Two players, both 16, were charged with kidnapping and rape in the alleged assault of the West Virginia girl. The incident became viral when players on the team and other students in the school started to comment about the alleged assault on Twitter and post photos on Instagram.

The night of the incident, a volunteer football coach held a summer party at his home, where alcohol was available. The girl might have been unconscious, taken to a number of parties and raped over a period of several hours, said a story released by The New York Times in November. It is also alleged that someone might have urinated on her.

Anonymous has been attempting to keep the case in the news claiming officials are attempting to cover up the crime. The group has not only leaked this video but other posts that had been previously deleted and is organizing rallies to support the victim.

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