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Obama on Historic Myanmar Visit

Obama said the country of Myanmar is experiencing a dramatic transition

November 19, 2012 – President Barack Obama of the United States in on an historic visit of Myanmar and acknowledged the start of reforms by saying the U.S. will support the efforts of democracy, national reconciliation and economic development.

On Monday, Obama gave a speech and referred to the pledge he made at his 2009 presidential inauguration that he would extend a hand to any government that was ruling by fear if they wanted to unclench their fists. He also went over a long list of relations between the U.S. and Myanmar, saying he came to the country because of the U.S. belief of human dignity. He said the country of Myanmar is experiencing a dramatic transition.

Just in the last year, said Obama, a five decade long dictatorship loosened its tight grip. President Thein Sein has a desire for change and his agenda for new reform meets that, said Obama, since a civilian is now leading the government and parliament has started to assert itself.

Obama also noted that a number of political prisoners had been released, the banning of any forced labor, new laws regarding the economy, the standing of the National League of Democracy in the election of 2010 and the start of cease fires with different ethnic groups.

Obama said he was extending a hand of friendship by visiting Myanmar and noted the easing of sanctions by the U.S. and the appointment of a new ambassador from the U.S. However, he cautioned that Myanmar still has much more to do.

Obama said the journey had just started and the new reforms launched must meet all of the citizens’ aspirations who make up its foundation. The new signs of progress that are now being seen must remain, must be strengthened and must become a guiding light for all the people in the nation, said the U.S. President.

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