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Nook HD+ By Barnes and Noble Has Good Value

The new Nook HD+ by Barnes and Noble is a 9-inch tablet

December 10, 2012 – The new Nook HD+ by Barnes and Noble is a 9-inch tablet that at first glance looks like any other of the 7, 8, 9 or even 10-inch tablets now available in the marketplace.

The new larger tablet by B&N is very similar to the smaller Nook HD that is 7-inches. However, it has sharper corners and looks much more similar to tablets that are larger such as the Kindle Fire HD by Amazon. However, the trademark Nook hole located on the tablet’s lower left side corner sets it apart from any other.

The tablet weighs just 18 ounces and is one of the lightest of all tablets sold today even though it is thicker than its competitors Kindle Fire, Nexus 10 and the Apple iPad.

The new Nook, like the iPad has its “N” home button located on the front face of the tablet, which is something every manufacturer of tablets should take note of and duplicate.

The interfaces are exactly the same between the new Nook and its 7-inch sibling. The new HD+ has much higher resolution on the screen at 1920×1280, which is even higher than its competitor the Kindle Fire high-resolution version. Like all other B&N tablets, there is no camera.

The Nook’s profile centric interface is still one of the market’s best. It is simple to use and quick to learn. As is expected, reading magazines and books is pleasurable and easy on the Nook. Browsing the web and receiving your emails is also easy on the tablet.

The new Nook HD+ costs $269 for 16GB or $299 for the 32 GB version. The price makes it one of the best values in the larger screen tablet market. The price includes an AC adapter. The Kindle Fire HD is $299 and no charger is included.

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