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Nokia Nearing Release of New Tablet

Details are slowing emerging about the new Nokia tablet that might be ready as early as February 2013. AT&T is the first carrier reported to be selling the tablet. Nokia, the Finnish mobile device maker, plans to release its tablet, which will be Windows RT powered sometime in early 2013, according to information from a person close to the situation.

The tablet will accompany a special keyboard cover, which will contain its own battery that will allow it to have an auxiliary supply of power as well. A kickstand will also come with the keyboard cover and will envelop the entire device similar to a book cover. On the tablet will be USB and HDMI ports, cellular connections and the display will be 10.1 inches, similar to that of the Microsoft Surface.

Neither Nokia nor AT&T would comment about the device. However, a new tablet would mark the start of a great expansion for Nokia. The company has cut back on many projects and focused mainly on its smartphone business, which is its core business and in the development of Lumia, its Windows Phone.

Nokia has seen its market share tumble as it attempts to work things out and turn around. The new Windows RT has not been as popular with consumers as was expected. The tablet Surface is the most notable device using the Windows RT, but it also has not seen much demand.

It is not clear what the phone maker can offer to get customers to return to their devices especially the ones that are Windows powered. Consumers thus far have decided on the iPad by Apple or a myriad of different Android tablets that are lower priced from Google and Amazon.

Nokia is expected to build only a small number of the new tablets in the beginning to see how consumer reaction is to their new device.

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