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Nintendo Gives A Peek Of Wii U

Nintendo’s new Wii U game system is getting a lot of media attention.

June 4, 2012- On Sunday, a glimpse of the next Wii console was provided by Nintendo. The Japanese giant in video gaming is setting out to create a buzz ahead of the industry’s big extravaganza E3 that starts on Tuesday. The company, via a webcast revealed details through Saturo Iwata, its president about the new Wii U and promised more at a press conference on Tuesday in Los Angeles prior to the events opening.

The screen on the console is over 6 inches and displays maps and other information to add to game play, serves as a second monitor and is a touchscreen game board. The built in screen can also be used to exchange messages between groups of people using the Wii U tablets.

The Wii U GamePad is being highly touted by Nintendo with videogames that have been tailored for the new console that it hopes will reignite the passion that existed when the first Wii devices launched in 2006.

Microsoft is not unveiling an Xbox 360 successor at the upcoming event and Sony has said they will not release any information about their next-generation PlayStation 3. Wii consoles first introduced controllers that were motion-sensing and were an incredible success that unlocked a huge audience dubbed casual gamers, who were enticed by the chance to play using simple gestures without the need to master buttons or toggles.

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