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Netanyahu Preparing For Changes inside Syria

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel told his ministers during his cabinet meeting that the country was cooperating with the international community including the U.S. ahead of the expected downfall of the Bashar al-Assad regime in Syria.

On Sunday, Netanyahu said Israel was getting prepared for the al-Assad downfall and the implications it will have throughout the region and inside Syria, including the cache of chemical weapons.

The evidence thus far that is most reliable about the deterioration of power in the Assad regime is the scud missiles being fired at rebel strongholds in the northern region of Syria.

Those missiles are still being fired against the rebel forces and are the regime’s next to last resource that is only superseded by its biological and chemical weapons. Those weapons have not been used due to strong warnings by the international community. The army in Syria has tried attacking via fighter plans, artillery barrages, fuel-air explosives and tanks, all with limited success.

Intelligence from the U.S. says Assad’s regime might be readying its chemical weapons and might just be sufficiently desperate to used them Both the U.S. and Israel expressed concerns the weapons could also fall into the possession of militants if the regime were to crumble and fall.

Sergei Lararov, the Foreign Minister of Russia said that the government of Syria had brought all of its chemical weapons into one, possibly two locations from a number of locations around the country so they can keep them safe from a rebel onslaught.

Syria rebels, on Sunday, said they seized a military camp close to Damascus building on their offensive towards the country’s capital. Fights were also taking place between President al-Assad loyalists and rebels in the suburban towns of Arabeen and Darya on the outskirts of Damascus. The latest fighting indicates that Assad might lose control of the capital.

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