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Most Travelers in U.S. Post Experience on Social Sites

US survey’s results revealed a link between travel and social media

September 21, 2012 – One of the world’s largest travel sites online announced this week results of a survey of social media that had over 1,700 respondents in the U.S. The survey’s results revealed a link between travel and social media. Over 76% of the respondents said they post things about their travel experiences on social networks.

Forty-two percent of the travelers use social sites to help plan their travel, while close to 40% use the sites to get travel inspiration. Of those that responded, 64% usually refer to a site that specializes in travel research for their travel decisions.

The one thing travelers do most on social channels is share photos. Over 91% of the respondents said they post photos on social sites of their vacations. Status updates while on vacation are posted by 57% of the respondents and 34% of the people, while traveling used check-ins on the social sites.

While on a trip, those who check-in on their trips usually do so after arriving at the hotel they are staying at, while in a restaurant or at a specific attraction or landmark.

Thirty-nine percent of respondents said they share their travel experience following their trip, while 52% said they share details on the social networks both during and after their trip.

The biggest reason the respondents said they share travel experiences on the social sites is in order to keep family and friends updated about where they are. The second most popular reason was to share their exciting experiences and photos.

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