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More Deals on the way on Cyber Monday

More Deals on the way on Cyber Monday

November 25, 2012- If Black Friday and the long holiday weekend crowds were too much for you, then you can also take advantage of Cyber Monday from the comfortable of your home.

Experts estimate that over 122 million people living in the U.S. will shop via their computer on Cyber Monday. That figure, says experts is just slightly less than the estimated 147 million that will shop in traditional brick and mortar stores during the three days from Black Friday through Sunday.

The sales online can be huge for retailers as the people who purchase online often times have Facebook pages, Twitter and smartphones that give the retailers information about their favorite stores and much more.

Retailers have made it very easy for even the casual shoppers online to enjoy. Bargains are available in many places as long as the shopper knows where to look.

The name Cyber Monday came about in 2005 after many reports showed that 70% of retailers had increased sales on the Monday following Black Friday. People in the U.S., according to statistical data, spent over $1.25 billion last year on Cyber Monday and most experts feel the numbers will be similar this cyber Monday.

Everything is available on Cyber Monday, from big screen televisions to toaster ovens to smartphones and computers. There are alerts you can subscribe to that will tell you when a store or particular items like an Apple iPad or a Samsung Galaxy is going on sale and on what website.

It is worth it to check on the websites of big box stores since the specials they offer in the store are different from the specials offered online. The stores want you to go online and check out their specials and will offer incentives for you to check out their site.

Twitter has a Cyber Monday shopper’s guide that encourages its users to follow certain twitter accounts such as @Coupon Cabin and @MoneySavinQeen. Specific deals will also be tweeted by certain online sites.

No set time is the best to shop on Monday, but over 250,000 people are expected to be shopping online in the U.S. by 3 am Monday morning.

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