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Michael Lohan wants Conservatorship over Lindsay

October 22, 2012 –On Monday Michael Lohan, the father of Lindsay Lohan, the actress, will attempt to gain conservatorship over her in court. Mr. Lohan told his personal attorney that is daughter is in danger of slipping again, since she is a substance abuser and is currently hanging around a wrong group of friends.

On Monday, Mr. Lohan will have meetings with his attorneys and he really does not want to be the conservator for his daughter, as he does not want people to believe it is so he can get to his daughter’s money. However, he wants the judge to make the decision on who is appointed conservator.

Mr. Lohan has told his attorneys that the first thing he would do if a conservatorship is granted would be to convince his daughters conservator to place his daughter Lindsay in rehab, so other people currently in her life would not have any influence over her. He said each time Lindsay has gone to rehab, she was using when she went in and was not clean, when she left. He puts the blame on people around her who have helped her continue her addictive state.

Mr. Lohan also said he wants whoever the conservator is to convince Dina, Lindsay’s mother, that family therapy is needed. He said that Dina has refused to admit they need counselling and that has hurt the efforts made to get Lindsay completely recovered.

This all came about after Lindsay became very upset with her father and his attempt at an intervention last Friday. She will try to obtain an order of protection to make him stay away just like her mother has told her she needs.

Rumor has it that Lindsay is flying to New York sometime this week to meet with other family members to attempt to figure out how to get the restraining order to keep her father away from her.

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