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Member of Anonymous Charged

U.S. authorities have charged a young man in connection with the hacker group Anonymous.

April 17, 2012- Federal authorities have arrested a man with links to Anonymous, the notorious computer hacking group. The man was charged with cyber attacks on Monday. He was accused of hacking into two police websites in Utah.

Twenty-one year old John Anthony Borell III, who resides in Ohio, is facing a maximum sentence in prison of 20 years, plus fines in excess of $500,000 if he is found guilty of the two counts charged against him in the federal indictment.

The federal indictment said, “Borell hacked, without authorization, into a group of protected computers on two separate occasions during January 2012 and caused damage intentionally to the servers hosting websites.” The attacks were against two different Utah police websites said authorities.

One of the targets was a server hosting the Police Department of Salt Lake City website. Another of his targets was the Utah Chiefs of Police Association website, said agents from the FBI that identified the hacker as Borell.

Borell’s arrest followed an investigation that tied him to a number of messages posted on Twitter that took credit for the two cyber attack said an FBI spokesperson. Borell was described in the criminal complaint as being linked to the Anonymous hacker-activist group. The group is a loosely knit group without any leadership structure clearly defined.

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