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Mass Rally held by India Congress

Mass Rally held by India Congress

November 04, 2012- The ruling party in India’s Congress held a huge mass rally to help secure support and defend its recent controversial reforms aimed to help the economy. The rally of over 10,000 was held in Delhi.

Those who came heard speakers such as Sonia Gandhi the party head, Manhohan Singh the country’s Prime Minister and Rahul Gandhi, a possible choice for prime minister at a future date.

Mr. Singh told the rally participants that those people who opposed the recent moves to allow foreign businesses to enter India’s retail sector were doing nothing more than misleading people. Congresses support has been dealt recent blows due to corruption cases and the many economic concerns.

The rally showed the incredible strength the Congress has, as it attempts to gain support prior to the elections that are due to take place in 2014. Singh defended a recent number of controversial reforms directed towards India’s economy. The reforms allow companies such as Tesco and Walmart to now enter the local India market with their big box stores.

Singh said the latest reforms would be a benefit to everyone in India and it was wrong to speak about farmers suffering, when in reality the reforms would help to create even more jobs.

Party head Gandhi gave a strong speech that addressed the allegations of corruption that had been leveled against the party and its many allies over the past 24 months. She said corruption was a cancer and she and her party will continue fighting against the disease. However, she warned that those who dig holes for other people to fall into should know there is a hole waiting for them as well.

Included in the corruption charges are allegations that involved the 2010 Commonwealth Games hosting, coalfield allocations, licensing of mobile phones, charity funds embezzlement and deals in real estate involving Robert Vadra, the son-in-law of Gandhi.

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