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Mac Users Beware of Flashware

New Apple computers are being attacked by Flashback malware.

April 7, 2012– Experts are saying Flashback is the largest malware to affect Mac in years. The malware has quietly hit hundreds of thousands of computers around the world and 98% of those affected are operating the Mac OS X system.

Experts say it is the biggest threat by far from any previous ones. Industry analysts say that the times of malware free Mac’s are now behind us. Many say it is the worst yet for the Mac operating system but putting an exact number of how many units have been compromised is nearly impossible.

Some think about 1% of the total Macs sold over the last 36 months have been hit. However, if you look at the numbers that have been infected, 600,000 and not percentages, then it looks more intimidating.

A threat like this, says many, has been overdue for Apple because of its increasing popularity. For the last 23 consecutive quarters, Apple’s computer growth has outpaced the rest of the PC industry. Even though Apple devices like the iPad and iPhone have been getting all the accolades, the Mac set sales record for the last quarter by selling over five million computers.

Malware products steal user information and use it to sell to third parties or for activities that are fraudulent. This is not the first time Flashback has hit Mac users, but since there are more users that have Macs today, it has received more attention.

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